If you are requesting prayer for another person, please obtain permission to share information.

Mark "Yes" that the information can be shared with others on the
Prayer Team and your request will be sent to the e-mail prayer team and the prayer groups who meet during the week.    Members of the Prayer Teams are sensitive to confidentiality issues. .  If you mark "No," your Prayer Request will only be shared with the pastors.

For your Prayer Concern to continue to be lifted up in prayer during Prayer Team meetings,  send a weekly update.  If we do not hear from you, we do not know if your prayer has been answered, if it is still a concern or if the situation has changed..    

To have someone placed on the Prayer List in the weekly bulletin or newsletter, call the church office at 304-624-7951.

To place someone on the Telephone Prayer Chain, call Mary Ann Moore at 304-623-3155.

Prayer Request

Please add your Prayer Request Below, and indicate if you would like it to be kept Private or Shared with the Prayer Team

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