Zimbabwe Missionaries

Duff Street United Methodist Church supports a missionary couple,   Dr. Emmanuel Ufonna Mefor, a medical doctor, and his wife, Florence Ogugua Mefor, a nurse mid-wife.   They are both from Nigeria but currently assigned to Mutambara, Zimbabwe by the Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church.   They have three children: Chukwuebuka, Osita, and Anulika.  

“God's mission is being carried out as numerous women and children are being cared for and given higher chances of survival,”  Florence says. “My ministry is to help save lives, improve failing sights,  and general well-being of patients," She shares. "God's hands are at work -- recently patients with severe diarrhea and shock from an area of epidemic were rushed in for treatment. Their survival was miraculous because their recovery was not due to our nursing expertise. A child of seven years had a snakebite and it was five days before he got to the hospital. He had a clotting deficiency and was bleeding from every point. God was so merciful as on the fourth day he was up and about."

 “God's  mission is being carried out through my work by the unending stream of patients  being cared for physically, spiritually, and psychologically,” Emmanuel reflects.
“God's blessing is on this ministry as he expands its territory, one of which is improving and restoration of failing sights. His
healing hands are making the patients well, which brings joy to everyone. To God be the Glory!”